7 Best Water Cooling Cases

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Water Cooling Case

If you’re after a PC that can handle serious gaming and deliver on performance, water cooling is the way to go. It’s more efficient than air cooling methods, which means it takes less energy to maintain safe temperatures and supports your PC to run at peak performance.

Unfortunately, not all PC cases support water cooling. Investing in a water cooling case would be the ultimate choice if you need reliable water cooling capacity for extended periods of time. Having a water-cooled setup ensures your rig will stay cool and well-ventilated, allowing for maximum effectiveness that air cooling does not provide.

Furthermore, you may want it not only to ensure that all of your components are efficiently cooled but also to serve as an incredible showpiece, with dazzling illumination effects that look great in any setup.

We have taken it upon ourselves to search through all the best cases out there and bring you what we consider to be the ultimate list: Our picks for the Best Water Cooling Cases. With this guide, you’ll be sure to find a perfect match for your dream builds.

Our Top Picks: 7 Best Water Cooling Cases

Best Super-Tower

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

  • Materials: Steel, Aluminum, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 693 x 307 x 696 mm / 27.3 x 12.1 x 27.4 inches
  • Motherboard Support: E-ATX and Mini-ITX (concurrently)
  • Expansion Slots: 10
  • Drive Bays: (x6) 2.5″, (x5) 3.5″

Best Mid-Tower


  • Materials: SGCC Steel, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 460 x 210 x 428 mm / 18.11 x 8.27 x 16.85 inches
  • Motherboard Support/Capability: Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Drive Bays: 2.5″ (2+1), 3.5″ (2+1)

Best SFF

Cooler Master Masterbox NR200P

  • Materials: Steel, Plastic, Mesh, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 376 x 185 x 292 mm / 14.8 x 7.28 x 11.5 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
  • Expansion Slots: 3
  • Drive Bays: 1x 3.5″ (max. 2), 1x 2.5″/3.5″ (combo), 2x 2.5″ (max. 3)

How to Select the Best Water Cooling Case

PC Case Size

PC case size definitely matters and can determine how efficient water cooling modules will be. Full-tower or mid-tower cases are usually the best bet for water cooling, as there tends to be more space for water components like radiators, water blocks, pumps, and reservoirs.

The larger the computer case, the more water-cooling components can be installed while maintaining adequate airflow. But if you prefer a mini-tower or small form factor (SFF) case, water cooling kits are now available that are designed to fit these smaller cases. Either way, when selecting your water cooling case, it’s important to take into the account water flow and where the radiators and pumps should be placed. That’s definitely an important consideration when trying to make sure your build is as efficient as possible.

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AIO or Custom Water Cooling?

Picking out the right water cooling case is crucial to ensure proper cooling. It depends on what type of system you’re looking for. All-in-One (AIO) systems are much more popular, but if you want to get really fancy and personalize your build, custom water cooling can take it to the next level.

The most important aspect of a case is making sure there’s enough space to mount all the necessary hardware while still having decent cable management options. If you’re aiming for custom water cooling, then you’ll also need to consider how much room is available for the reservoir as well.

So whatever path you choose for your build, make sure you take this into account when selecting your case.

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Radiator Size

There are many different water cooling cases available, so deciding which one is right for you takes a bit of research. When making your decision, make sure to consider things like the maximum size of the radiator that the case supports, as it is important to ensure that your water cooling system can cool the components effectively.

Generally, full-tower cases offer bigger radiators that can handle up to 360mm (which equates to 3x 120mm fans). Mid-tower cases typically have radiators that are 240mm (2x 120mm fans) or 280mm in size (2x 140mm fans). However, it’s best to double-check the details of each individual case since sizes can differ from model to model. That way you’ll ensure that your PC receives optimal cooling performance.

You will also need to find out where to install the radiator and other components within the water cooling case to ensure optimum efficiency. Doing some comparison shopping and weighing up all of the features of various water cooling cases is also a good idea – it’ll mean you can be sure that you’re making the best choice when deciding on your water cooling setup.

7 Best Water Cooling Cases

1. Corsair Obsidian 1000D

The Best Super-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Steel, Aluminum, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 693 x 307 x 696 mm / 27.3 x 12.1 x 27.4 inches
  • Motherboard Support: E-ATX and Mini-ITX (concurrently)
  • Expansion Slots: 10
  • Drive Bays: (x6) 2.5″, (x5) 3.5″
  • I/O Panel: 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB-C 3.1, Mic, Headphone
  • CORSAIR Commander PRO fan and lighting controller: integrated
  • Weight: 27.22 kg / 60 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX and SFX (concurrently)
  • Case Form Factor: Super-Tower


  • Very powerful with two full PCs in one case.
  • Fan and RGB controller for fan speed and color.
  • Tempered glass side panels that show off the water cooling system and lights.
  • Ideal for enthusiasts of PC modding.


  • Too heavy.
  • Quite expensive.

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D Water Cooling Case just might be the answer to your tech enthusiast dreams! It’s a super-tower case that can do more than its size suggests.

This water-cooling case allows you to install two complete PC systems in one case, making it the ultimate modding engine. It can house two motherboards, one E-ATX, and another Mini-ITX, as well as room for two PSUs so you can be sure it can handle whatever your next project will throw at it.

With the Corsair Obsidian 1000D Water Cooling Case, you’ll never have to worry about overheating your PC again. This tower case takes cooling seriously, as it can be set up to house an incredible 2x480mm radiator on the front, 1x420mm radiator on the top, and 1x240mm radiator on the back – guaranteeing your PC stays nice and cool. Who knew you could go this crazy for cooling?

Boasting a spacious interior, it can fit up to five 3.5” hard drives, plus six 2.5” SSDs in separate compartments – guaranteeing that all of your data stays organized and secure. On top of that, it comes with two USB-C 3.1 Gen-2 ports and four USB 3.0 ports on the front panel, which are further enhanced by gorgeous RGB lights that will make your setup look extra special.

Plus, you get all the features of premium enclosures: four smoked tempered glass panels, easy cable routing, reliable hardware protection, and includes fan & RGB lighting support. The versatility makes this water-cooling case an obvious choice for any enthusiasts of PC modding.

2. Phanteks Enthoo Pro

The Best Full-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Brushed Plastic, Steel Chassis
  • Dimensions: 235 x 535 x 550 mm / 9.25 x 21 x 22 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, EATX, microATX, SSI EEB
  • Expansion Slots: 8
  • Drive Bays: 3x 5.25″, 6x 3.5″, 7x 2.5″
  • I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, Mic, Headphone
  • Pre-installed Fans: 1x 140mm (rear), 1x 200mm (front)
  • PWM Hub: Included
  • Weight: 11.88 kg / 26.2 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX
  • Case Form Factor: Full-Tower


  • Cost-effective but great cooling options.
  • Support large size of GPU and radiator.
  • A quality case that provides ample room for all your components.
  • A large number of storage drives can be mounted.


  • The side panel is made of brushed plastic.
  • The front panel I/O has no USB-C.

If you’re looking to keep your gaming system cool without breaking the bank, this full-tower water cooling case is a great option. Boasting maximizing cooling options with a reasonable budget, you’ve got a variety of radiator installations at your disposal.

On top of the case, radiators in sizes up to 420mm or 360mm can be installed, ensuring that your fan will fit. Moreover, the front and bottom panels are capable of accommodating both 240mm and 280mm fans, allowing for the installation of anything from a small fan to something larger, such as a custom water-cooling setup.

The Phanteks Enthoo Pro case supports the motherboard size of EATX or SSI EEB. It features two USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, Mic, and headphone ports on the front panel. Plus, it can house up to six HDDs in 3.5″ drive cages and seven SSDs 2.5″, and even has room for a graphics card up to 472 mm.

So, if you want to build a gaming PC with plenty of expansion space, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro case is ideal. What more could you want from a perfect PC case at a great value?

3. NZXT H510

The Best Mid-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: SGCC Steel, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 460 x 210 x 428 mm / 18.11 x 8.27 x 16.85 inches
  • Motherboard Support/Capability: Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Drive Bays: 2.5″ (2+1), 3.5″ (2+1)
  • I/O Panel: 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type A, 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C, 1 x Headset Audio Jack
  • Pre-installed Fans: 2 x 120mm
  • Weight: 6.6 kg / 14.55 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX
  • Case Form Factor: Mid Tower


  • Great cable management.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Support large GPU size.
  • Front panel I/O USB-C is included.


  • Insufficient front I/O ports.
  • Airflow is not so great.

If gaming is your life, don’t settle for just any PC case. NZXT H510 features water-cooling capabilities, making it a great choice for maximizing the performance of your gaming computer.

This case supports ATX motherboards and comes with radiator support for 280mm in the front and 120mm in the rear. Even more impressive? The GPU clearance of up to 381mm. With pre-installed channels and straps, it’s easy to manage cables without any stress. Plus, the tempered glass side panel lets you show your rigs off in style.

The H510 may be the most cost-effective option for your build. It may appear that this compact mid-tower PC case is too good to be true in terms of having all the features gamers require for unforgettable high-end gaming experiences.

4. Asus ROG Strix Helios

The Best Premium Mid-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Smoked tempered-glass side panel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Dimensions: 250 x 565 x 591 mm / 9.84 x 22.24 x 23.27 inches
  • Motherboard Support: ATX/micro ATX/Mini ITX/EATX (12”x10.9”)
  • Expansion Slots: 8+2 (additional vertical)
  • Drive Bays: 2x 2.5”/3.5” Combo Bay, 4x 2.5” Bay
  • I/O Panel: 1x USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, 4x USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1x Headphone, 1x Microphone LED & Fan Control Buttons
  • Pre-installed Fans: Front: 3 x 140mm, Rear: 1 x 140mm
  • Weight: 18 kg / 39.68 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX


  • Great design.
  • Supports 12”x10.9” E-ATX motherboards.
  • Large-size radiator support.
  • USB-C port included on front panel I/O.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Too heavy case.

The Asus ROG Strix Helios is an amazing water-cooling mid-tower case that is sure to take your gaming rig to the next level. Not only does it boast a very elegant and sophisticated design, but it also supports ATX motherboards as well as 12”x10.9” E-ATX motherboards.

The fully transparent tempered glass on both side panels of this water-cooling case showcases the beauty of an RGB-lit water-cooled build. Another benefit of this case is that it comes with three 140mm pre-installed fans in the front and one in the back to keep the air circulating efficiently. An advanced I/O with 4x USB 3.1 ports and 1x USB-C Gen 2 port provides you with plenty of connectivity options.

It also has excellent radiator support, with 420mm on the front and 360mm on the top of the case, allowing you to easily add water cooling and customize your PC components to your liking. Finally, this water-cooling case offers gamers a unique design, flexible support for water cooling, and customizable hardware upgrades – all in one neat package.

5. Cougar CONQUER

The Best Unique Mid-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Tempered Glass on both side
  • Dimensions: 255 x 580 x 685 mm / 10.04 x 22.83 x 26.97 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, microATX, ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Drive Bays: 3x 3.5″, 4x 2.5″
  • I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.0, Microphone, Audio
  • Pre-installed Fans: 3x COUGAR CFD 120 LED Fan
  • Weight: 14.02 kg / 30.9 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX
  • Case Form Factor: Mid-Tower


  • Unique design with a distinct look.
  • Great aesthetic feature in any gaming setup.
  • Great cooling performance.


  • Expensive compared to other models.
  • There is no dust filter.

The Cougar CONQUER is a water-cooling case unlike any other. With an aluminum frame and a tempered glass side panel, it has a unique design that stands out from the crowd.

The military style lends to its already distinct look, and also you can customize your water cooling system with the support for both a 360mm radiator at the top and a 240mm radiator at the front.

This mid-tower will undoubtedly be the center of attention in any gaming setup. Moreover, how great is it that having a Cougar CONQUER feels like playing a game with the beast?

6. Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

The Best Mini-Tower Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Steel, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 398 x 276 x 351 mm / 15.67 x 10.87 x 13.82 inches
  • Motherboard Support: microATX, Mini-ITX
  • Expansion Slots: 4
  • Drive Bays: (x2) 3.5in (x3) 2.5in
  • I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.0, audio/mic jacks
  • Pre-installed RGB Fans – Front: 2x 120mm
  • Weight: 7.24 kg / 15.96 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: ATX
  • Form Factor: Mini-Tower


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Water cooling support.
  • Three side panels of tempered glass.
  • Sleek and compact case.
  • Magnetic dust filters.
  • Pre-installed RGB fans.


  • A little pricey.
  • Front panel USB Type-C is not supported.

The Corsair Crystal 280X RGB is an amazing water-cooling case for your desk space. Not only does it look sleek and modern due to its tempered glass panels, but it has RGB fans and a dual chamber that keeps things looking clean no matter how much cable management you need.

You can mount the 240mm radiator on the front, top, or bottom of the case – perfect for whatever orientation works best. And don’t worry about bulky drives either; there’s a special place just for them, where you can store up to three 2.5″ drives and two 3.5″ drives.

This water cooling case’s advanced airflow design actively circulates air to keep heat-generating components cool during operation. Plus, all air intake positions are equipped with filters so you don’t have to worry about dust buildup. It’s more than enough to keep all your hardware in one place while still looking good and staying cool.

7. Cooler Master Masterbox NR200P

The Best SFF Water Cooling Case


  • Materials: Steel, Plastic, Mesh, Tempered Glass
  • Dimensions: 376 x 185 x 292 mm / 14.8 x 7.28 x 11.5 inches
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX
  • Expansion Slots: 3
  • Drive Bays: 1x 3.5″ (max. 2), 1x 2.5″/3.5″ (combo), 2x 2.5″ (max. 3)
  • I/O Panel: 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 1x 3.5mm Headset Jack (Audio + Mic)
  • Pre-installed Fans: 2x 120mm (top)
  • Weight: 5.93 kg / 13.07 lbs
  • Power Supply Support: SFX, SFX-L
  • Case Form Factor: Small Form Factor (SFF)


  • Bring many features of ATX chassis into the SFF case.
  • Includes riser cable for vertical GPU installation.
  • Ability to support triple-slot GPUs with lengths up to 330mm.
  • Two options of side panels for temperature management.


  • There is no front panel USB Type-C.
  • Quite pricey.

Introducing the Cooler Master Masterbox NR200P, an impressive water-cooling case! At first glance, it appears that a small form factor (SFF) case cannot support water cooling. But you should reconsider. This revolutionary case is actually an ATX chassis compressed into a Mini-ITX PC case size.

With temperature management in consideration, it offers options of tempered glass or vented steel side panels to keep your computer running cool. Furthermore, it offers up to 280mm of radiator support on the side panel or 240mm on the bottom, or 92mm at the rear, allowing for custom water cooling systems for an enhanced gaming experience.

This water-cooling case can also accommodate triple-slot GPUs with lengths of up to 330mm, making it ideal for installing most types of graphics cards. With the Cooler Master Masterbox NR200P water cooling case, you’ll be able to keep temperatures under control of a small but powerful PC.

Final Thought

All of the cases we’ve looked at today offer something different in terms of features, price, and aesthetics. So it really comes down to finding the one that best meets your needs.

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D is the best super-tower case for water cooling, offering ample space and features galore. If you’re looking for a full-tower option, Phanteks’ Enthoo Pro is tough to beat. It’s also one of the more affordable choices.

NZXT’s H510 mid-tower chassis and Cooler Master’s Masterbox NR200p SFF case are also options for those seeking something more compact; the former features a tempered glass panel and addressable RGB lighting, while the latter focuses on airflow performance. No matter which case you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your system will be properly cooled.

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